R&D Spotlight: Oncology
David BlakeyAlfie BrennanStephen Myatt

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  • David Blakey (CSO at FasT Biopharma)

    David Blakey

    CSO at FasT Biopharma
  • Alfie Brennan (Principal Scientist at Evariste)

    Alfie Brennan

    Principal Scientist at Evariste
  • Stephen Myatt (Chief Executive Officer at Macomics)

    Stephen Myatt

    Chief Executive Officer at Macomics
Technical Update: Science & Innovationthe New Frontier
R&D Spotlight: Infectious Diseases
Richard Bungay
  • Richard Bungay (CEO of Imophoron Ltd)

    Richard Bungay

    CEO of Imophoron Ltd
Lunch & Networking
Technical Update: Quantum Computing & Life Sciences
David Grimm
  • David Grimm (Investment Director of UCL Technology Fund)

    David Grimm

    Investment Director of UCL Technology Fund
R&D Spotlight: Medtech
Nick SkaerAntoine Pouppez
  • Nick Skaer (CEO of Orthox Limited)

    Nick Skaer

    CEO of Orthox Limited
  • Antoine Pouppez (CEO of NeuroClues)

    Antoine Pouppez

    CEO of NeuroClues
R&D Spotlight: Microbiome
David Browning
  • David Browning (CEO of Fixed Phage)

    David Browning

    CEO of Fixed Phage
R&D Spotlight: Rare Diseases

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R&D Spotlight: Neuroscience
Jenny BarnettJames PeachJerome ParcqChristophe Gaudin
  • Jenny Barnett (CEO of Monument Therapeutics Limited)

    Jenny Barnett

    CEO of Monument Therapeutics Limited
  • James Peach (CEO of Human Centric DD Ltd)

    James Peach

    CEO of Human Centric DD Ltd
  • Jerome Parcq (Co-Founder of Op2lysis)

    Jerome Parcq

    Co-Founder of Op2lysis
  • Christophe Gaudin (CEO of Op2lysis)

    Christophe Gaudin

    CEO of Op2lysis
R&D Spotlight: Oncology
Francesca RapinoAlan RothClare WareingGraeme Rogers

Kindly sponsored by Ipsen

  • Francesca Rapino (COO at Theratrame)

    Francesca Rapino

    COO at Theratrame
  • Alan Roth (CEO of Oxford Drug Design)

    Alan Roth

    CEO of Oxford Drug Design
  • Clare Wareing (Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Cumulus Oncology)

    Clare Wareing

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Cumulus Oncology
  • Graeme Rogers (Chief Scientific Officer at Omideon)

    Graeme Rogers

    Chief Scientific Officer at Omideon
Technical Update: Tageted Protein DegradationProgress, Direction and Prospects
Sheelagh Frame
  • Sheelagh Frame (CSO at Ubiquigent Ltd)

    Sheelagh Frame

    CSO at Ubiquigent Ltd
Lunch & Networking
R&D Spotlight: Inflammatory Disease
Jason RuttKirsty Semple

Kindly sponsored by Sanofi

  • Jason Rutt (Founder and CEO of Azadyne)

    Jason Rutt

    Founder and CEO of Azadyne
  • Kirsty Semple (CEO of SENISCA Ltd)

    Kirsty Semple

    CEO of SENISCA Ltd
R&D Spotlight: Cell & Gene Therapy
Simon ChandlerCarolyn Porter

Kindly sponsored by Syneos Health

  • Simon Chandler (CEO of Rinri Therapeutics Ltd.)

    Simon Chandler

    CEO of Rinri Therapeutics Ltd.
  • Carolyn Porter (CEO of CytoSeek)

    Carolyn Porter

    CEO of CytoSeek

BioTrinity Panels, Interviews & Keynotes


We aim to deliver a well-rounded programme of presentations, discussions, and debate around a variety of subject matters prevalent in the life sciences industry today. We include a mix of scientific focused topics, which either address the latest innovation and research, or matters that are popular and much talked about in the current mainstream landscape, along with pertinent updates on the financing and investment landscapes, as well as regulatory and legislative updates from leading voices and decision makers.


We cover a lot of ground, and the range is broad, but we aim to support our delegates by delivering a programme that is digestible, useful, and thought-provoking.

Each R&D spotlight will include 5 x 10 minute company presentations from the most innovative companies working in; Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Microbiome, Rare Diseases, Medtech, Neuroscience, Inflammatory Disease and Cell and Gene Therapy. If you are a company seeking Series A investment or to partner assets, BioTrinity is for you! Contact events@obn.org.uk

Detailed below is an outline of all of the sessions, if you have any queries then please email events@obn.org.uk