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Welcome to BioTrinity's Science Track
Jonathan Rohll
  • Jonathan Rohll (Head of Business Information at OBN (UK) Ltd‌)

    Jonathan Rohll

    Head of Business Information at OBN (UK) Ltd‌

    Jonathan joined OBN in early 2012. He carries out a number of analytical tasks related to the Life Sciences sector in Oxford, the Thames Valley and the UK Life Sciences sector in general. More widely he performed a key role in OBN’s involvement in the work of the Oxford node of the FP7 HealthTIES project. Jonathan is also involved with the realisation of the OBN Consultancy service including cluster mapping, product searches and consultation responses.

    Prior to joining OBN he carried out academic research in a number of areas including cell division, virology and immunology and moved to Oxford BioMedica in 1997 where he played a major role in the development of their lentiviral gene therapy ‘system’ for use in treatment of a variety of indications.

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Keynote Scientific Update: Oncology
Etleva Pashaj

Sponsored by Precision for Medicine

  • Etleva Pashaj (VICE PRESIDENT, MEDICAL, EUROPE at Precision for Medicine, Oncology & Rare Disease)

    Etleva Pashaj

    VICE PRESIDENT, MEDICAL, EUROPE at Precision for Medicine, Oncology & Rare Disease
Company Showcase Presentations: Oncology
Alex BlythMustafa DjamgozWilliam FinchPeter JoyceSalim KhakooCarlos MecaAgnès MenutJon MooreClare WareingTim WilsonGokhan Yahioglu
  • Alex Blyth (CEO of LifT Biosciences)

    Alex Blyth

    CEO of LifT Biosciences
  • Mustafa Djamgoz (Director and CEO of Celex Oncology Innovations Limited)

    Mustafa Djamgoz

    Director and CEO of Celex Oncology Innovations Limited
  • William Finch (CEO of Oxford Vacmedix UK Ltd)

    William Finch

    CEO of Oxford Vacmedix UK Ltd
  • Peter Joyce (CEO of Grey Wolf Therapeutics)

    Peter Joyce

    CEO of Grey Wolf Therapeutics
  • Salim Khakoo (Co-Founder of Kargenera)

    Salim Khakoo

    Co-Founder of Kargenera
  • Carlos Meca (Chief Commercial Officer at Radiomics)

    Carlos Meca

    Chief Commercial Officer at Radiomics
  • Agnès Menut (Chief Operating Officer at Genoscience Pharma)

    Agnès Menut

    Chief Operating Officer at Genoscience Pharma
  • Jon Moore (CEO and Co-Founder of Epitopea)

    Jon Moore

    CEO and Co-Founder of Epitopea
  • Clare Wareing (Founder & CEO of Cumulus Oncology)

    Clare Wareing

    Founder & CEO of Cumulus Oncology
  • Tim Wilson (CEO of Epsilogen)

    Tim Wilson

    CEO of Epsilogen
  • Gokhan Yahioglu (Director of Research & Development at Antikor)

    Gokhan Yahioglu

    Director of Research & Development at Antikor
Keynote Scientific Update: Rare Diseases
Jennifer Schranz

Sponsored by Ipsen

  • Jennifer Schranz (SVP and Global Head, Rare Diseases Therapeutic Area at Ipsen)

    Jennifer Schranz

    SVP and Global Head, Rare Diseases Therapeutic Area at Ipsen
Company Showcase Presentations: Rare Diseases
Nara DaubeneyLorenzo ErrichelliDean HumJon ReesJack ScannellMyles Dakin
  • Nara Daubeney (COO and Co-Founder of Phaim Pharma Ltd)

    Nara Daubeney

    COO and Co-Founder of Phaim Pharma Ltd
  • Lorenzo Errichelli (Business Development Lead at Evox Therapeutics Limited)

    Lorenzo Errichelli

    Business Development Lead at Evox Therapeutics Limited
  • Dean Hum (Chief Scientific Officer at Genfit)

    Dean Hum

    Chief Scientific Officer at Genfit
  • Jon Rees (CEO of MitoRx Therapeutics)

    Jon Rees

    CEO of MitoRx Therapeutics
  • Jack Scannell (CEO of Unify Pharmaceuticals)

    Jack Scannell

    CEO of Unify Pharmaceuticals
  • Myles Dakin (Founder of Hypo-Stream Ltd)

    Myles Dakin

    Founder of Hypo-Stream Ltd
Keynote Scientific Update: Inflammatory Diseases
Chris Marlein

Sponsored by FUJIFILM Diosynth biotechnologies

  • Chris Marlein (Staff Scientist - Downstream mAb Platform PD at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies)

    Chris Marlein

    Staff Scientist - Downstream mAb Platform PD at FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
Company Showcase Presentations: Inflammatory Diseases
Caroline BarelleRebecca AshfieldMario CariaAntoine CarlhianEdward HodgkinJoe IllingworthKirsty SempleBart Wuurman
  • Caroline Barelle (CEO of Elasmogen Ltd)

    Caroline Barelle

    CEO of Elasmogen Ltd
  • Rebecca Ashfield (CSO at Ducentis Biotherapeutics)

    Rebecca Ashfield

    CSO at Ducentis Biotherapeutics
  • Mario Caria (CEO of KUSTE BIOPHARMA)

    Mario Caria

  • Antoine Carlhian (CFO at Aquilon Pharmaceuticals)

    Antoine Carlhian

    CFO at Aquilon Pharmaceuticals
  • Edward Hodgkin (Chairman & CEO of Resolution Therapeutics)

    Edward Hodgkin

    Chairman & CEO of Resolution Therapeutics
  • Joe Illingworth (Chief Scientific Officer at DJS Antibodies)

    Joe Illingworth

    Chief Scientific Officer at DJS Antibodies
  • Kirsty Semple (CEO of SENISCA Ltd)

    Kirsty Semple

    CEO of SENISCA Ltd
  • Bart Wuurman (CEO of Apaxen)

    Bart Wuurman

    CEO of Apaxen
Scientific Update Keynote: Microbiome
Felix FaupelDenise Kelly

Sponsored by Lonza

  • Felix Faupel (Chief Commercial Officer at BacThera)

    Felix Faupel

    Chief Commercial Officer at BacThera
  • Denise Kelly (Venture Partner at Seventure Partners)

    Denise Kelly

    Venture Partner at Seventure Partners
Company Showcase Presentations: Microbiome
Pierre BelichardTomas De woutersBenjamin HadidaJames McIlroyMike RomanosFelix Faupel
  • Pierre Belichard (Chief Executive Officer at Enterome)

    Pierre Belichard

    Chief Executive Officer at Enterome
  • Tomas De wouters (CEO of PharmaBiome)

    Tomas De wouters

    CEO of PharmaBiome
  • Benjamin Hadida (CEO & Co-Founder of Exeliom Biosciences)

    Benjamin Hadida

    CEO & Co-Founder of Exeliom Biosciences
  • James McIlroy (CEO of EnteroBiotix)

    James McIlroy

    CEO of EnteroBiotix
  • Mike Romanos (CEO of Microbiotica)

    Mike Romanos

    CEO of Microbiotica
  • Felix Faupel (Chief Commercial Officer at BacThera)

    Felix Faupel

    Chief Commercial Officer at BacThera
Scientific Update Keynote: AI, Data & Platforms
Charlotte Deane
  • Charlotte Deane (Chief Scientist Biologics AI at Exscientia Ltd)

    Charlotte Deane

    Chief Scientist Biologics AI at Exscientia Ltd

    Charlotte is Professor of Structural Bioinformatics at the Department of Statistics, University of Oxford. She is also Chief Scientist of Biologics AI at Exscientia.
    At Oxford, Charlotte leads the Oxford Protein Informatics Group (OPIG), who work on diverse problems across protein structure, interaction networks and small molecule drug discovery; combining theoretical and empirical analysis with special interest in AI. She collaborates with experimentalists in academia and industry in experiment design to leverage the power of computation for biological insight.
    Her work focuses on the development of novel algorithms, tools and databases that are openly available to the community. Examples include SAbDab, SAbPred, Cov-AbDab, PanDDA and MEMOIR. These tools are widely used web resources and are also part of several Pharma drug discovery pipelines. Charlotte has consulted extensively with industry and has set up a consulting arm within her own research group as a way of promoting industrial interaction and use of the group’s software tools.

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Company Showcase Presentations: AI, Data & Platforms
Vibhor GuptaBen HollandDebora LucarelliLouwai MuhammedManish PatelMichelle Teng

Sponsored by Oxford Science Park

  • Vibhor Gupta (Director & Founder of Pangaea Data)

    Vibhor Gupta

    Director & Founder of Pangaea Data
  • Ben Holland (Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Antiverse)

    Ben Holland

    Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Antiverse
  • Debora Lucarelli (CEO of Enhanc3D Genomics)

    Debora Lucarelli

    CEO of Enhanc3D Genomics
  • Louwai Muhammed (CEO & Co-Founder of CoSyne Therapeutics)

    Louwai Muhammed

    CEO & Co-Founder of CoSyne Therapeutics
  • Manish Patel (CEO of Jiva ai)

    Manish Patel

    CEO of Jiva ai
  • Michelle Teng (CEO Co-founder of Etcembly)

    Michelle Teng

    CEO Co-founder of Etcembly
Lunch and Networking
Scientific Update Keynote: CNS
Guy GriebelLaurent Pradier

Sponsored by Sanofi

  • Guy Griebel (Head External Innovation Rare and Neurological Disorders at Sanofi)

    Guy Griebel

    Head External Innovation Rare and Neurological Disorders at Sanofi
  • Laurent Pradier (Director Scientific Strategy and External Relations, Rare and Neurological Disorders of Sanofi)

    Laurent Pradier

    Director Scientific Strategy and External Relations, Rare and Neurological Disorders of Sanofi
Company Showcase Presentations: CNS
Jenny BarnettPeter HamleyFarid KhanDavid ReynoldsMo Shahid
  • Jenny Barnett (CEO of Monument Therapeutics)

    Jenny Barnett

    CEO of Monument Therapeutics
  • Peter Hamley (CSO at Samsara Therapeutics)

    Peter Hamley

    CSO at Samsara Therapeutics
  • Farid Khan (CEO of PharmaKure)

    Farid Khan

    CEO of PharmaKure
  • David Reynolds (CEO of LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd)

    David Reynolds

    CEO of LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd
  • Mo Shahid (CEO of Pheno Therapeutics)

    Mo Shahid

    CEO of Pheno Therapeutics
Keynote Scientific Update: Infectious Disease
Helen Fletcher
  • Helen Fletcher (Scientific Innovation Lead, Global Public Health at Johnson and Johnson Innovation - JJDC)

    Helen Fletcher

    Scientific Innovation Lead, Global Public Health at Johnson and Johnson Innovation - JJDC

    Helen Fletcher, PhD
    Leader of the Johnson & Johnson Centers for Global Health Discovery (CGHD) and Scientific Innovation Lead for Global Public Health R&D (EMEA and Asia Pacific)

    Helen Fletcher is the Leader of Johnson & Johnson Centers for Global Health Discovery (CGHD), a network of J&J operated labs being established in major public health institutions across the world, and Scientific Innovation Lead for Global Public Health R&D (EMEA and Asia Pacific).

    As Scientific Innovation Lead, Helen will work in close collaboration with discovery scientists, business development, and Johnson & Johnson Innovation colleagues building new external innovation partnerships as well as identifying funding and public financing opportunities help build the discovery and R&D portfolio within J&J Global Public Health.

    Before joining Johnson & Johnson Helen was a Professor of Immunology and Associate Dean of the Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). Helen has a B.SC. and Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Leeds and more than 20 years’ experience in vaccine development from pre-clinical to phase I and II safety studies and clinical efficacy trials at University College London, University of Oxford and LSHTM.

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Company Showcase Updates: Infectious Disease
Douglas ThomsonPeter JacksonAnna ObolenskyFrederic GARZONIWill Wjinberg
  • Douglas Thomson (CEO of Pneumagen)

    Douglas Thomson

    CEO of Pneumagen
  • Peter Jackson (CEO of Infex Therapeutics)

    Peter Jackson

    CEO of Infex Therapeutics
  • Anna Obolensky (Director,Translational Research of PGTx)

    Anna Obolensky

    Director,Translational Research of PGTx
  • Frederic GARZONI (CEO of Imophoron Ltd)

    Frederic GARZONI

    CEO of Imophoron Ltd
  • Will Wjinberg (Executive Director of Matoke Holdings)

    Will Wjinberg

    Executive Director of Matoke Holdings

BioTrinity Panels, Interviews & Keynotes


We aim to deliver a well-rounded programme of presentations, discussions, and debate around a variety of subject matters prevalent in the life sciences industry today. We include a mix of scientific focused topics, which either address the latest innovation and research, or matters that are popular and much talked about in the current mainstream landscape, along with pertinent updates on the financing and investment landscapes, as well as regulatory and legislative updates from leading voices and decision makers.


We cover a lot of ground, and the range is broad, but we aim to support our delegates by delivering a programme that is digestible, useful, and thought-provoking.


With thanks to the all the industry experts who gathered together to share their ideas an valuable input into shaping our agenda, to ensure that BioTrinity remains a valuable and useful tool in helping you grow and stay ahead in this ever-changing industry. 

Detailed below is an outline of all of the sessions, if you have any queries then please email