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Ilan Chaitowitz (Founder / CEO of BioZen Limited)

Ilan Chaitowitz

Founder / CEO of BioZen Limited

BioZen seeks to transform the lives of people with endocrine disorders. Starting with gynecomastia, we want to prevent men from stopping life-saving cancer therapy and save boys from the stigma. We are developing the world’s first approved, safe, cost-effective medical cure as an alternative to surgery.

Pierre Arsène (Executive Chair at Exosla Therapeutics)

Pierre Arsène

Executive Chair at Exosla Therapeutics

Exosla Therapeutics is a UK/German pre-clinical biotech company focused on immune-related diseases, including ocular neuroinflammation. It offers a safe and scalable immunotherapy by leveraging the multimodal action of MSC-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs). The science and translational plan are built upon Prof. Bernd Giebel’s work, a pioneer in the MSC-EV field.

Sebastian Brunemeier (CEO & Founder of ImmuneAGE Bio)

Sebastian Brunemeier

CEO & Founder of ImmuneAGE Bio

ImmuneAGE Bio is the first drug discovery platform for immune rejuvenation, targeting HSCs and T cells. With co-founders from Oxford and Lausanne, we have developed a platform for 1000x expansion and ex vivo rejuvenation of HSCs and T cells. Team has >100 years drug discovery expertise.

William Collier (CEO of RespImmune)

William Collier

CEO of RespImmune

RespImmune are utilising their world leading expertise in the defective interfering particle field to create the world’s first broad-spectrum respiratory antiviral. RespImmune’s portfolio of broad-spectrum antivirals in development, can be used as both short term prophylactic and active treatments against all major respiratory viruses.

Alastair Carrington (CEO of Atelerix)

Alastair Carrington

CEO of Atelerix

Crafting shelf-stable science inspired by hedgehogs, Atelerix is the answer to the cryopreservation headache. With a gel that's not just cool but doesn't need to be cold, they're setting cells, tissues, and viruses free from the icy grip of traditional storage and shipping methods. Welcome to the future of bioscience.

Tristan Collins (CEO of gaitQ)

Tristan Collins

CEO of gaitQ

As an innovative Oxford-based medical technology organisation, gaitQ® develops clinically-validated mobility solutions to help people walk more, walk better and improve their quality of life. Founded in 2019 by three experts in engineering and physiology from the University of Oxford, gaitQ was spun-out of the University in 2020.

Line Debois (CEO & co-founder of MedicQuant)

Line Debois

CEO & co-founder of MedicQuant

MedicQuant is a spin-out from Aarhus University, founded in 2019. MedicQuant’s mission is to revolutionize patient care by providing healthcare professionals with rapid and precise detection of small molecule drugs at the point-of-care. MedicQuant’s first application will be for stroke management to provide better and faster treatment of stroke patients.

Jinendra Ekanayake (CEO of Quezt Ltd)

Jinendra Ekanayake

CEO of Quezt Ltd

Quezt is revolutionising handheld surgical instruments, combining next-generation engineering and a ground-breaking industry team, spearheaded by pioneering surgeons.

Our high-dexterity surgical handle simplifies complex, whole-hand motions typical of scissors into a sleek, single-finger mechanism. This ergonomic advance is paired with our state-of-the-art imaging probe to visualise cancer with unprecedented clarity.

Torbjørn Furuseth (CEO and Co-Founder of DoMore Diagnostics)

Torbjørn Furuseth

CEO and Co-Founder of DoMore Diagnostics

We personalize cancer treatment with digital biomarkers trained with AI to analyze routine tumor histology slides. This is a segment of diagnostics with multi-gene tests priced at USD 4000. Colorectal cancer is our lead indication, a USD 700m market that we can reach with low investments and in short time.

Zoe Johnson (Chief Scientific Officer at Sycura Therapeutics)

Zoe Johnson

Chief Scientific Officer at Sycura Therapeutics

Sycura Therapeutics is a spin-out from the Queensland Emory Drug Discovery Initiative (QEDDI), the commercial drug-discovery arm of UniQuest (commercialisation company of the University of Queensland). Co-created with M:M Bio, a company with a track record of incubating and accelerating early-stage startups into mature, clinical stage biotech companies.

Ron Jortner (Founder & CEO of Aspire Biosciences)

Ron Jortner

Founder & CEO of Aspire Biosciences

Aspire Biosciences is an early-stage biotech with an ambitious vision: to develop treatments for unaddressed rare diseases at scale, all while generating Return on Investment. Our innovative Systematic Serendipity methodology leverages knowledge curated by patient groups – and has generated several programmes, including PoC in a rare neurodegenerative disease.

David Kim (CEO of CyanoCapture)

David Kim

CEO of CyanoCapture

Dr David Kim is the Founder at CyanoCapture - a company that began at the University of Oxford, harnessing GM synechococcus to make carbon removal an energy-efficient and low-cost technology for the world.

Laura Koivusalo (CEO and Founder of StemSight)

Laura Koivusalo

CEO and Founder of StemSight

StemSight is a pre-clinical stage company developing allogeneic cell-based therapies from iPS cells to treat corneal diseases. Our technology platform using proprietary differentiation methods and biomaterial carriers have spun out two different products. We showcase our technology in the rare disease limbal stem cell deficiency, a high unmet need.

Tue Lehn-Schiøler (CEO of BrainCapture)

Tue Lehn-Schiøler

CEO of BrainCapture

BrainCapture offers AI-enabled neurodiagnostic solutions to make diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions faster, more accessible and more affordable.

Chung Looi (CEO of Ablatus Therapeutics)

Chung Looi

CEO of Ablatus Therapeutics

Women-led MedTech company that has developed a patented enhanced ablation technology that can treat cancerous and non-cancerous tumours. Starting with women's health focusing on fibroids that affect up to 80% of women by the age of 50.

Damian Marron (Chair of Board of Directors at Indegra Therapeutics)

Damian Marron

Chair of Board of Directors at Indegra Therapeutics

Indegra Therapeutics is developing small molecule, potent, selective integrin inhibitors to unlock new treatments for multiple diseases with significant therapeutic and commercial benefits, including chronic kidney disease (CKD), cancer, NASH, fibrosis, osteoporosis, and eye diseases.Indegra's flagship programme targets a specific integrin for both CKD and immuno-oncology treatments.

Rachael McInnes (Chief Scientific Officer at Onya Therapeutics)

Rachael McInnes

Chief Scientific Officer at Onya Therapeutics

Onya is a pre-revenue, pre-clinical wound therapeutics company on a mission to reduce the use of and provide alternatives to antibiotics, addressing the critical challenge of antimicrobial resistance.Our flagship product will be in clinicians hands by 2025, followed by UK market authorisation, then scaling globally.

David Miller (CSO at Melio Bio Limited)

David Miller

CSO at Melio Bio Limited

Melio Bio is a newly established biotechnology company developing drugs for cardiometabolic diseases against genetically validated targets. Led by industry experts within the successful M:M eco-system and working with our trusted CRO partner we will rapidly execute on screening, medicinal chemistry and biology to identify candidates for clinical proof-of-concepts studies.

Xize Niu (Director of Droplet Scientific Ltd)

Xize Niu

Director of Droplet Scientific Ltd

Droplet Scientific Ltd, a dynamic startup from the University of Southampton, specializes in developing cutting-edge wearable and portable sensors for real-time, continuous monitoring of biomarkers and therapeutic drugs. With robust intellectual property, deep industrial expertise, and advanced prototypes, we are transforming medical diagnostics.

Madusha Peiris (Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Enterika Limited)

Madusha Peiris

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Enterika Limited

Enterika is a spin-out from Queen Mary University London (QMUL) created to exploit intellectual property, including granted patents, relating to obesity. Initially funded by Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst, Queen Mary Investment Fund and a private investor. Enterika has access to laboratories and clinical trial suites at QMUL/Barts Health NHS Trust.

Raphael Peralta (CEO & Co-founder of CardiaTec Biosciences Ltd)

Raphael Peralta

CEO & Co-founder of CardiaTec Biosciences Ltd

CardiaTec leverages large and high-dimensional human multi-omics data to better navigate complex disease biology to identify novel and differentiated therapeutics. CardiaTec spun out of the Han Lab at the University of Cambridge and has brought together industry experts from leading organisations including BMS, Merck&Co, Cleveland Clinic & Recursion Pharmaceuticals.

Helen Philippou (CEO of ClotProtect Therapeutics)

Helen Philippou

CEO of ClotProtect Therapeutics

Helen Philippou is a Professor of Translational Medicine at the University of Leeds. Recently she co-founded and is CEO of ClotProtect Therapeutics a spin-out company developing a small molecule therapeutic to stem bleeding in patients. Previously she co-founded LUNAC Therapeutics which was shortlisted for 4 "Start-up" awards and won 3 of these in 2020 and 2021. LUNAC was featured in J.P. Morgan's first-ever Top 200 Female-Powered Businesses report, where LUNAC was rated 55 out of 6,085 UK high-growth companies in 2021. . Prof Philippou also featured as a Mover and Shaker in 2021 BioBusiness Report, BioBeat.

James Phillips (co-Founder and CSO of Regenerase Therapeutics)

James Phillips

co-Founder and CSO of Regenerase Therapeutics

Regenerase Therapeutics is a regenerative medicine spinout company from UCL using novel science developed at UCL. TRO-1938, a small molecule, accelerates nerve re-growth and repair. We are seeking a seed of £750k and £7M total investment to demonstrate clinical PoC within 4 years.

Steven Powell (Director of Hepatican Ltd.)

Steven Powell

Director of Hepatican Ltd.

Hepatican is developing a product for treatment of acute liver failure by combining cryopreservable cell therapy with standard patient support processes. Proof of concept has been demonstrated in animal models and is now transitioning into First in Human studies. The business has a defined regulatory and development path to market

Alex Ramirez (Founder of Antibody Design)

Alex Ramirez

Founder of Antibody Design

London based, VC-backed startup, with SEIS and EIS advanced assurance from HMRC. The founders sold their previous diagnostics startup to the largest medical diagnostics company in the world (Siemens). Their new venture aims to disrupt the diagnostics industry by leveraging the computational power of smartphones and AI analytics.

Pierre Rocheteau (CEO of Olgram)

Pierre Rocheteau

CEO of Olgram

At Olgram, we are developing new medicines to cure immune-related diseases. Our unique and patented first-in-class molecule addresses immunodepression following traumatic brain injury, a condition that affects 23million patients annually and for which there are currently no therapeutic solutions. We have also validated a companion diagnostic by enrolling 170 patients.

Asel Sartbaeva (CEO of EnsiliTech)

Asel Sartbaeva

CEO of EnsiliTech

EnsiliTech is a recent biotech start-up applying our patented platform technology, Ensilication, to store and transport vaccines, antibodies, and other biopharmaceuticals, without fridges or freezers. Ensilication can improve production margins, remove the need for lyophilisation, improve ECG, reduce wastage and energy needed for cold-chain logistics.

Enrique Tabares (Head of DEvelopment at MicroA)

Enrique Tabares

Head of DEvelopment at MicroA

MicroA is a biotech company aiming to make an impact on global health by developing innovative compounds from microalgae, into safe, efficacious and sustainable Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients able to address infectious diseases and chronic inflammation. MicroA has microalgae manufacturing facilities in Norway and operational presence in Sweden and the UK.

Hugo Tewson (Chair at Digostics Ltd)

Hugo Tewson

Chair at Digostics Ltd

GTT@home transforms provision, access and standardisation of the gold-standard in-clinic Oral-Glucose-Tolerance-Test or OGTT, simply by providing the test in a kit to be performed by patients, unaided and in their own homes . Fully automated and digitised, it eliminates the major issues with current in-clinic tests whilst providing gold-standard, clinic-equivalent results.

Christopher Ullman (CEO of Stratosvir Ltd.)

Christopher Ullman

CEO of Stratosvir Ltd.

Stratosvir is a UK-based early stage company engineering viruses to treat solid tumours. Viral immunotherapy is now showing promise in the clinic but still requires direct injection intra-tumourally which limits use and market. Stratosvir is engineering the viruses for intravenous injection. Stratosvir started from concept from and owns its IP.

Thang Vo-Ta (Co-Founder & CEO of Calla Lily Clinical Care)

Thang Vo-Ta

Co-Founder & CEO of Calla Lily Clinical Care

Calla Lily Clinical Care has developed the Callavid® platform device to deliver a range of vaginal-therapeutics. Our initial product seeks to be the first-ever drug-device combo product to help prevent miscarriage. Future use-cases include live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) delivery for recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and precise sample-collection for early endometriosis detection.

Ned Wakeman (CEO of NanOptima Limited)

Ned Wakeman

CEO of NanOptima Limited

NanOptima is addressing the leading causes of blindness, wet macular-degeneration, in one of the largest drug($13.8b) drug markets by developing hydrogel delivery_technology for extended-release anti-VEGF with platform applications to other ophthalmic drugs, and disease areas. Current treatments are 1-2 monthly injections that work, but 40% non-compliance leads to progressive sight-loss

Ruizhi Wang (CEO of Abselion)

Ruizhi Wang

CEO of Abselion

Abselion is a Cambridge deeptech company utilising RED, a proprietary solid state semiconductor protein detection technology. First application in at-line process analytics for biopharma manufacturing of antibodies and viral vectors. The product has been independently validated, a strong pipeline of customers is in place, including pre-sales.

Toby Wilson Waterworth (CEO of Ambrose Healthcare)

Toby Wilson Waterworth

CEO of Ambrose Healthcare

Ambrose Healthcare is a specialist rare disease pharmaceutical company, developing a late stage portfolio of new solutions and treatments for rare diseases, quickly and cost effectively. Ambrose has an experienced pharmaceutical team, supported by an international network of rare disease experts and organisations, including digital tools and AI.

Sam Windsor (Chief Executive Officer at Ignota Labs)

Sam Windsor

Chief Executive Officer at Ignota Labs

Ignota Labs is the world’s first AI-native pharmaceutical asset turnaround company, identifying and revitalising undervalued assets with safety concerns. Our AI-native turnaround approach integrates Large Language Models, bioinformatics and cheminformatics, enabling us to uniquely identify and salvage the golden opportunities from thousands of clinical and preclinical failures every year.