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Ali Al-khattawi (CEO of MESOX)

Ali Al-khattawi

Pierre Rocheteau (CEO of Olgram)

Pierre Rocheteau

CEO of Olgram
Richard Angell (Commercialisation Lead and CEO of Draig Therapeutics)

Richard Angell

Commercialisation Lead and CEO of Draig Therapeutics
Mike Davies (Dr / CEO of Carocell Bio)

Mike Davies

Dr / CEO of Carocell Bio
Giorgio Castagneto Gissey (Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Keyron)

Giorgio Castagneto Gissey

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Keyron
David Coe (CEO of CoED Biosciences)

David Coe

CEO of CoED Biosciences
Thomas Congdon (CEO and Cofounder of CryoLogyx Ltd)

Thomas Congdon

CEO and Cofounder of CryoLogyx Ltd
Jinendra Ekanayake (CEO of Quezt Medengineering)

Jinendra Ekanayake

CEO of Quezt Medengineering
George Frodsham (CEO of MediSieve Limited)

George Frodsham

CEO of MediSieve Limited
Isaac Johnson (CEO, cofounder of Verinnogen Limited)

Isaac Johnson

CEO, cofounder of Verinnogen Limited
Ryan Lafferty (CEO of Dia Beta Labs Ltd)

Ryan Lafferty

CEO of Dia Beta Labs Ltd
Nuno Madeira do O (CEO of Bastion Therapeutics)

Nuno Madeira do O

CEO of Bastion Therapeutics
Soumya Palliyil (Co-founder, CEO of BrIgID Bio)

Soumya Palliyil

Co-founder, CEO of BrIgID Bio
A G Sutcliffe (Physician Advisor and Executive Board Member at w2tlife limited)

A G Sutcliffe

Physician Advisor and Executive Board Member at w2tlife limited
Maya Thanou (CEO of Apeikon Therapeutics LTD)

Maya Thanou

CEO of Apeikon Therapeutics LTD
Vineeta Tripathi (CEO of Vitarka Therapeutics Ltd)

Vineeta Tripathi

CEO of Vitarka Therapeutics Ltd
Nick Whitehurst (CEO of Figura Analytics)

Nick Whitehurst

CEO of Figura Analytics
Erik Digman Wiklund (CEO of Circio)

Erik Digman Wiklund

CEO of Circio
Stuart Wilson (Co-founder of Pinpoint Molecular Ltd)

Stuart Wilson

Co-founder of Pinpoint Molecular Ltd
Toby Wilson Waterworth (CEO & Chairman of Ambrose Healthcare Ltd)

Toby Wilson Waterworth

CEO & Chairman of Ambrose Healthcare Ltd
Steven Zimmer (CEO of GHP Scientific Ltd)

Steven Zimmer

CEO of GHP Scientific Ltd