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Chukwuma Agu (CEO of ABS Biotechnologies GmbH)

Chukwuma Agu

CEO of ABS Biotechnologies GmbH
Pierre Rocheteau (CEO of Olgram)

Pierre Rocheteau

CEO of Olgram
Ali Al-khattawi (CEO of MESOX)

Ali Al-khattawi

Mike Davies (Dr / CEO of Carocell Bio)

Mike Davies

Dr / CEO of Carocell Bio
Richard Angell (Commercialisation Lead and CEO of Draig Therapeutics)

Richard Angell

Commercialisation Lead and CEO of Draig Therapeutics
Yves Briers (CEO of Obulytix)

Yves Briers

CEO of Obulytix
Giorgio Castagneto Gissey (Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Keyron)

Giorgio Castagneto Gissey

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Keyron
Mark Chadwick (CEO of Nanovery)

Mark Chadwick

CEO of Nanovery

Nanovery is challenging the dominance of PCR (US$37Bn market including COVID) for the detection of nucleic acids. We use DNA nanorobots in a simple, single step test without enzymes or temperature cycling. The company recently raised a total of £1.85m and has about a 15-month runway (without commercial deals).

David Coe (CEO of CoED Biosciences)

David Coe

CEO of CoED Biosciences
Thomas Congdon (CEO and Cofounder of CryoLogyx Ltd)

Thomas Congdon

CEO and Cofounder of CryoLogyx Ltd
Natalie Curtis (CEO of Oxford Target Therapeutics)

Natalie Curtis

CEO of Oxford Target Therapeutics
Jostein Dahle (CEO of Blue Wave Therapeutics)

Jostein Dahle

CEO of Blue Wave Therapeutics
Julian Dye (CEO of Oxartis Ltd)

Julian Dye

CEO of Oxartis Ltd
Emilie Déjean (CSO at MetaLead)

Emilie Déjean

CSO at MetaLead
George Frodsham (CEO of MediSieve Limited)

George Frodsham

CEO of MediSieve Limited
Rebecca Goss (CEO of X-Genix)

Rebecca Goss

CEO of X-Genix
Charlotte Henderson (CEO of RevoNA Bio Ltd)

Charlotte Henderson

CEO of RevoNA Bio Ltd
Anna Hercot (CEO of Evariste)

Anna Hercot

CEO of Evariste
Isaac Johnson (CEO, cofounder of Verinnogen Limited)

Isaac Johnson

CEO, cofounder of Verinnogen Limited
Ryan Lafferty (CEO of Dia Beta Labs Ltd)

Ryan Lafferty

CEO of Dia Beta Labs Ltd
Nuno Madeira do O (CEO of Bastion Therapeutics)

Nuno Madeira do O

CEO of Bastion Therapeutics
Jeff Moore (CEO & Founder of Curileum Discovery Ltd)

Jeff Moore

CEO & Founder of Curileum Discovery Ltd
Alan Nafiiev (CEO and Co-founder of Receptor.AI)

Alan Nafiiev

CEO and Co-founder of Receptor.AI
Joppe Nieuwenhuis (COO at BIOIO)

Joppe Nieuwenhuis

Peter Nolan (Founding Chair and Interim CEO of BlackfinBio Ltd)

Peter Nolan

Founding Chair and Interim CEO of BlackfinBio Ltd
Soumya Palliyil (Co-founder, CEO of BrIgID Bio)

Soumya Palliyil

Co-founder, CEO of BrIgID Bio
Raphael Peralta (CEO & Co-Founder of CardiaTec Biosciences Ltd)

Raphael Peralta

CEO & Co-Founder of CardiaTec Biosciences Ltd
Graeme Rogers (CSO at Omideon Limited)

Graeme Rogers

CSO at Omideon Limited
JAMES SCHOFIELD (CEO of TopMD Precision Medicine Ltd)


CEO of TopMD Precision Medicine Ltd
Björn Schimmöller (CEO of iuvantium)

Björn Schimmöller

CEO of iuvantium
A G Sutcliffe (Physician Advisor and Executive Board Member at w2tlife limited)

A G Sutcliffe

Physician Advisor and Executive Board Member at w2tlife limited
Maya Thanou (CEO of Apeikon Therapeutics LTD)

Maya Thanou

CEO of Apeikon Therapeutics LTD
Vineeta Tripathi (CEO of Vitarka Therapeutics Ltd)

Vineeta Tripathi

CEO of Vitarka Therapeutics Ltd
Edwin Wagena (CEO of Sutura Therapeutics Ltd)

Edwin Wagena

CEO of Sutura Therapeutics Ltd
Nick Whitehurst (CEO of Figura Analytics)

Nick Whitehurst

CEO of Figura Analytics
Erik Digman Wiklund (CEO of Circio)

Erik Digman Wiklund

CEO of Circio
Stuart Wilson (Co-founder of Pinpoint Molecular Ltd)

Stuart Wilson

Co-founder of Pinpoint Molecular Ltd
Toby Wilson Waterworth (CEO & Chairman of Ambrose Healthcare Ltd)

Toby Wilson Waterworth

CEO & Chairman of Ambrose Healthcare Ltd
Sam Windsor (CEO of Ignota Labs)

Sam Windsor

CEO of Ignota Labs
Steven Wong (CTO at Quezt Medengineering)

Steven Wong

CTO at Quezt Medengineering
Pawel Zawadzki (CEO of Gordion Bioscience)

Pawel Zawadzki

CEO of Gordion Bioscience
Steven Zimmer (CEO of GHP Scientific Ltd)

Steven Zimmer

CEO of GHP Scientific Ltd