Ali Al-khattawi (CEO of MESOX (Spin-out from Aston) at Aston University)

Ali Al-khattawi

CEO of MESOX (Spin-out from Aston) at Aston University
John Gleeson (CEO of Tympulse Medical)

John Gleeson

CEO of Tympulse Medical
Kirsty Semple (CEO of SENISCA Ltd)

Kirsty Semple


Kirsty is co-founder, and the commercial, finance and investment lead at SENISCA. She is an accomplished Chief Executive Office, with over 20 years of experience at Group Board level maximising profitability and performance at high growth companies across Europe, Asia and North America. Kirsty trained as a Management Consultant with KPMG London and is a prize-winning Cell Physiology graduate from Edinburgh University.