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OBN BioTuesday, Tuesday 16th November 2021

'A Revolution in AI-Enabled Drug Discovery'

AI is a broad term for the set of technologies that enable machines to achieve objectives. In Life Sciences, AI is penetrating every part of our industry, with current applications covering literature mining, process automation, image analysis, diagnostics and the very process of biological discovery itself.

This event will showcase how AI can be used in de novo discovery research. This is AI for biology not AI for automation. A revolution is upon us and the panel of experts presenting at this event can prove it: Professor Graham Ball of Intelligent OMICS, Tom Fleming of Arctoris and Chris Malloy of the Medicines Discovery Catapult collaborated on a six-month drug discovery program, funded by an Innovate UK grant, that resulted in the creation of three new lung cancer drugs.

The lung cancer program illustrates how AI can positively impact the life sciences industry. Primary benefits relate to accelerated identification of novel biological targets and drug molecules. However the impact is wider: AI as applied here can also de-risk clinical trials, improve the carbon efficiency of discovery and reduce the need for animal testing.

The speakers will summarise the action and, more importantly, the implications of the Innovate project and will address many related themes:

  • Speed - does AI really reduce drug discovery time?
  • Regulation - can regulators cope with AI-derived data?
  • RNA - can understanding of signalling pathways cure disease?
  • Value - will pharma buy it?
  • Impact - will AI replace humans in the workplace?

Event Format:

18.00 - 18.30 Registration & Network

18.30 - 18.35 Welcome by Emma Palmer-Foster, The Oxford Science Park

18.35 – 19.30 The AI revolution – case study, and wider implications

Introduction to the panel - Dr Simon Haworth (Ch)


Professor Graham Ball, CSO, Intelligent OMICS

Chris Molloy, CEO Medicines Discovery Catapult

Tom Fleming, Co-Founder and COO, Arctoris

19.30 - 19.55 Audience Q&A

19.55 – 20.10 Oxford Science Park Company Profile

20.10 - 21.00 Networking with Drinks & Nibbles

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