How the Drug Discovery Industry Works

This course is predominantly aimed at non-scientists working within the Life Sciences industry in non-research roles, and is relevant for employees who are new to the industry or who have more established professional dealings within it.

In short, the course will focus on the structure and commercial environment of the biopharmaceutical industry and highlights the processes required to move a drug candidate from the discovery laboratory through to the marketplace.

If you work within a research role, this course will help you to become more attuned to the commercial environment of the Life Sciences industry, but please be aware that there will an element of crossover with your existing knowledge.

The Commercial Landscape

- Global pharmaceutical sales

- Market breakdown

- Pharma companies

- Products

Human Biology, Pathology & Drug Targets

- The burden of disease

- Levels of complexity

- Drug-target interactions

- Pharmacology concepts

- Different types of drug molecule

Drug Discovery & Development

- Organisation of drug discovery

- Development, screening & clinical trial processes

- Regulatory agencies

- Pharmacovigilance & safety

Industry Pressures & Responses

- Growth of biologicals

- New drug development companies

Industry in Transition

- Rare diseases

- Personalised medicines

This course will be delivered on Thursday 9th November 2023 between 12:00-17:00 LIVE in person. Course materials are included in the course costs.

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