Event Details

We are pleased to announce details of our next 'How the Drug Discovery Industry Works' online course, due to be delivered on Thursday 12 September from 13:00-16:30 via Zoom.

This perennially popular course is aimed at non-scientists working within the Life Sciences industry in non-research roles. It is particularly relevant to team members new to the life sciences industry or working in close relation to it.

The course covers the structure and commercial environment of the biopharmaceutical industry and highlights the processes required to move a drug candidate from the discovery laboratory through to the marketplace.

We do also welcome many research scientists to this course, who are keen to become more attuned to the commercial environment of the life sciences industry and the formal drug development process. Please be aware that the scientific content of the course will already by known to you.

Course outline

1) The Commercial Landscape, including:

- Global pharmaceutical sales

- Market breakdown

- Pharma companies

- Products

2) Human Biology, Pathology & Drug Targets:

- The burden of disease

- Levels of complexity

- Drug-target interactions

- Pharmacology concepts

- Different types of drug molecule

3) Drug Discovery & Development:

- Organisation of drug discovery

- Development, screening & clinical trial processes

- Regulatory agencies

- Pharmacovigilance & safety

4) Industry Pressures & Responses:

- Growth of biologicals

- New drug development companies

5) Industry in Transition:

- Rare diseases

- Personalised medicines

Attendance details:

OBN Member price: £125 plus VAT

Non-OBN Member price: £200 plus VAT

Click the Register button to book your place and for any queries, including to discuss bespoke course requirements for your company, please email event@obn.org.uk.