Qasim Akhtar (Head Of Business Development at QV Bioelectronics)

Qasim Akhtar

Head Of Business Development at QV Bioelectronics
Carrie Ambler (CSO at LightOx)

Carrie Ambler

CSO at LightOx
Adrian Artus (Scientific Solutions Developer at Kimialys)

Adrian Artus

Scientific Solutions Developer at Kimialys
Sue Bailey (Senior Director, Geographic Search, Business Development of BMS)

Sue Bailey

Senior Director, Geographic Search, Business Development of BMS
Graham Ball (CSO at Intelligent OMICS Ltd)

Graham Ball

CSO at Intelligent OMICS Ltd
Caroline Barelle (CEO of Elasmogen Ltd)

Caroline Barelle

CEO of Elasmogen Ltd

Caroline is CEO and founder of Elasmogen, developing soloMER biologics for autoimmune diseases and cancer. She has successfully led teams at Wyeth and Pfizer in Global Bio-therapeutic Technologies, has been awarded a Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship, is a doctoral graduate from the University of Aberdeen in Biochemistry and graduated with an MBA (distinction) from Robert Gordon’s University. Caroline is a member of the ONE Life Sciences Board, GVV Board committed to investing in women’s health, Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre advisory Board, The Royal Society’s Science and Industry Translation Committee and an honorary Professor at Queen’s University Belfast.

Ana Barjasic (CEO/Board Member of Connectology/European Innovation Council)

Ana Barjasic

CEO/Board Member of Connectology/European Innovation Council
Jenny Barnett (CEO of Monument Therapeutics)

Jenny Barnett

CEO of Monument Therapeutics

Before leading the spin-out of Monument Tx in 2021, Jenny was Chief Scientific Officer at Cambridge Cognition where she led clinical trial, healthcare and R&D functions. She has an MA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, a PhD in the Epidemiology of Schizophrenia from the University of Cambridge, and completed post-doctoral work at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. She is the author of more than 70 papers, six patents, and two popular science books and is an honorary member of the University of Cambridge Department of Psychiatry.

Oliver Bates (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Viramal)

Oliver Bates

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Viramal
Catherine Beech (Entrepreneur and Independent Biotechnology Consultant at Tawhai Ltd)

Catherine Beech

Entrepreneur and Independent Biotechnology Consultant at Tawhai Ltd
Maina Bhaman (Partner at Sofinnova Partners)

Maina Bhaman

Partner at Sofinnova Partners

Maina joined Sofinnova Partners as a partner in 2018, bringing an extensive network and a long track record as a successful healthcare investor. Prior to joining Sofinnova Partners, she was director of healthcare investment at Touchstone Innovations (formerly Imperial Innovations) in London, where she led and co-led investments in the U.K. Before turning to investing, Maina worked in the R&D teams of several U.K. and U.S. biotech companies, including Celltech, Oxford GlycoSciences, Chimeric Therapies and GeneMedicine. Maina holds a B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the Imperial Business School. Her current investments include Sitryx Therapeutics, Cincor and Enyo Pharma.

Robin Bhattacherjee (CEO of Actimed Therapeutics)

Robin Bhattacherjee

CEO of Actimed Therapeutics
Richard Boyd (CEO of Invizius)

Richard Boyd

CEO of Invizius
Jordy Breuker (Associate Capital Advisory at F.INSTITUTE)

Jordy Breuker

Associate Capital Advisory at F.INSTITUTE

Jordy joined the Capital Advisory team at F.INSTITUTE in 2023 and brings a wealth of financial and life sciences experience into play. He moved into finance directly after finishing his Biomedical Sciences degree, starting his career at Kempen & Co, a life sciences-focused investment bank, working on IPO and other public market transactions, as well as managing M&A processes. Following Kempen he helped set up and lead the biotech team at NLC Health Ventures, a studio focused on healthtech, pulling research out of academia and building companies around that technology. His current focus is on fractional CFO and fundraising projects.

Anne Bruinvels (Founder of PX Heathcare)

Anne Bruinvels

Founder of PX Heathcare
Philip Campbell (Commercial Director of MEPC Milton Park)

Philip Campbell

Commercial Director of MEPC Milton Park
Chris Cardon (CEO of Ziphius)

Chris Cardon

CEO of Ziphius
Steven Chance (CEO & Co-Founder of Oxford Brain Diagnostics Ltd)

Steven Chance

CEO & Co-Founder of Oxford Brain Diagnostics Ltd
Simon Chandler (CEO of Rinri Therapeutics)

Simon Chandler

CEO of Rinri Therapeutics
Sarah Cole (Chief Operations Officer at SENISCA Ltd)

Sarah Cole

Chief Operations Officer at SENISCA Ltd

SENISCA, an award-winning biotech, has identified a new, druggable cause of cellular ageing: RNA splicing dysregulation. SENISCA is raising £7M to develop senotherapeutics that target splicing dysregulation and result in cellular rejuvenation by attenuating senescence. With broad applicability, SENISCA’s technology targets the causes, not simply the consequences, of cellular ageing.

Tom Collings (CEO of Kalium Health)

Tom Collings

CEO of Kalium Health

Tom Collings is the CEO and co-founder of Kalium Health, a company developing patient-centric technology to transform the management of chronic kidney disease.

Tom is responsible for setting the company’s overall strategy, overseeing operational activities and developing commercial opportunities.

Prior to founding Kalium Health, Tom managed large, complex medical device development programmes on behalf of large multi-nationals and exciting high-growth startups.

Tim Davies (Regional Head, UK Primary Markets at London Stock Exchange)

Tim Davies

Regional Head, UK Primary Markets at London Stock Exchange
Mahendra Deonarain (CEO of Antikor Biopharma Ltd)

Mahendra Deonarain

CEO of Antikor Biopharma Ltd
Victor Dillard (Vice President, Strategy & Operations at Resolution Therapeutics)

Victor Dillard

Vice President, Strategy & Operations at Resolution Therapeutics
James Field (Founder & CEO of LabGenius)

James Field

Founder & CEO of LabGenius
Gonzalo Garcia (Investment Partner at Syncona)

Gonzalo Garcia

Investment Partner at Syncona

Gonzalo is an Investment Partner at Syncona. There he is focused on new company creation, centred primarily on innovation concepts in biologics, as well more recently also clinical-stage investing in the current market. Gonzalo was also part of the founding team at Resolution Therapeutics, a macrophage cell therapy company, where he was Chief of Staff and remains a Board Observer. He has a PhD in Protein Biophysics from the University of Cambridge, and prior to Syncona he spent nearly five years as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

Frederic Garzoni (Co-founder, CSO of Imophoron Ltd)

Frederic Garzoni

Co-founder, CSO of Imophoron Ltd

Imophoron is a pre-clinical stage company with a novel vaccine platform called ADDomer. ADDomer is a patented technology for creating highly immunogenic vaccine candidates and is multimeric protein-based, self-assembling nanoparticle scaffold. Proof of concept data for two highly infectious diseases demonstrate potential to prevent disease and transmission.

Ursula Gompels (CEO of Virothera Ltd)

Ursula Gompels

CEO of Virothera Ltd
Dean Griffiths (Managing Director & London Office Head of Clearview Partners)

Dean Griffiths

Managing Director & London Office Head of Clearview Partners
Vibhor Gupta (Founder of Pangaea Data)

Vibhor Gupta

Founder of Pangaea Data

Dr. Vibhor Gupta trained in oncology research and has over two decades of industry and academic experience in life sciences. Before Pangaea, Vibhor successfully established Quantum Secure’s European business, which was acquired in 2015. Vibhor then served as Senior Vice President of Commercial Strategy and Sales at Seven Bridges Genomics (founded at Harvard). Vibhor’s academic career focused on conducting molecular biology studies and building machine learning models with epigenetic, genomic, transcriptomic and clinical trial data for oncology and infectious diseases. Vibhor has an extensive global life science network and regularly speaks at international conferences, government programs and investment summits.

Tim Haines (Executive Partner at Abingworth)

Tim Haines

Executive Partner at Abingworth

Tim is Executive Partner at Abingworth LLP, a leading global life sciences venture investment firm, which has recently become part of Carlyle (NASDAQ: CG). Tim joined Abingworth in 2005 having been Chief Executive of Abingworth’s portfolio company, Astex Therapeutics, and was instrumental in establishing it as one of the leading UK biotechnology companies which was acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and has had 3 important medicines approved by FDA. Tim has held a number of senior management positions in the US and Europe, including CEO of both Datascope Corp. and Thackray Inc, and General Manager at Baxter UK. Tim has a BSc from Exeter University and an MBA from INSEAD. He is a former Director of the BIA and sat on the BVCA Venture Committee and the Wellcome Trust / NHS Health Innovation Challenge Fund. During his time at Abingworth Tim has taken board roles in a number of companies including Adaptate Biotherapeutics, Astex, Avillion, Fovea, GammaDelta Therapeutics, MEDIAN Technologies, PowderMed, Scorpion Therapeutics, Sientra and Venatorx.

Tony Hickson (Chief Business Officer at Cancer Research Horizons (Cancer Research Technology Ltd))

Tony Hickson

Chief Business Officer at Cancer Research Horizons (Cancer Research Technology Ltd)
Alistair Irvine (CEO of Scarlet Therapeutics)

Alistair Irvine

CEO of Scarlet Therapeutics

Scarlet Therapeutics is a biotechnology company developing transformative cell therapies. Building on more than a decade of world-renowned research in Bristol, UK, the team at Scarlet is pioneering unique technology to harness the potential of blood as medicine, positioning the company to become the global leader in the field of therapeutic red blood cells.

Hazel Jones (COO at Enhanc3dgenomics)

Hazel Jones

COO at Enhanc3dgenomics
Dominique Kleyn (Co-Founder  and COO of Orthonika Limited)

Dominique Kleyn

Co-Founder and COO of Orthonika Limited
Jan-Philipp Kruse (Senior Director BD&L, Lead CoLab Berlin of Bayer AG)

Jan-Philipp Kruse

Senior Director BD&L, Lead CoLab Berlin of Bayer AG

Jan-Philipp Kruse, PhD, is Senior Director Open Innovation and Business Development and Licensing, at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. He leads Bayer’s biotech incubator Co.Lab in Berlin, driving company recruitment and selection, company engagement, and programming. He is also actively engaged in developing Bayer’s presence in various innovation ecosystems, including the U.S., U.K., and DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). With more than 10 years of experience in business and strategy consulting with exclusive focus on Life Sciences and R&D, Jan-Philipp has advised biotech companies, mid-to large scale pharmaceutical companies, investors, and venture funds. He has long championed novel ways of collaboration to maximize the impact for all involved parties, and ultimately patients. After 6 years with boutique life-science consultancy Catenion, Jan-Philipp joined Bayer in 2015 in a leadership role of the in-house R&D consulting team before joining Open Innovation in Boston in 2018, and later Business Development and Licensing / Open Innovation in 2020. He holds a PhD from Columbia University, New York, U.S.

Ina Kunze (BD&L Director Funding EU of Bayer AG)

Ina Kunze

BD&L Director Funding EU of Bayer AG
Esther Lawrence (Mrs / Business Development Manager at TBAT Innovation)

Esther Lawrence

Mrs / Business Development Manager at TBAT Innovation
Adrien Lemoine (CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomsbury Genetic Therapies)

Adrien Lemoine

CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomsbury Genetic Therapies

Adrien is the CEO and a co-founder of Bloomsbury Genetic Therapies. Following roles of increasing responsibility in commercial analysis, strategy, operations, business & corporate development at GSK and AstraZeneca, Adrien’s previous role was Chief Business Officer of Orchard Therapeutics. Adrien holds an Engineering Degree from CentraleSupélec (Paris, France) and an MSc in Engineering and Physical Science in Medicine from Imperial College London. Adrien is a Trustee of Metabolic Support UK, a charity supporting people living with inherited metabolic conditions and their communities.

Stephanie Leouzon (Managing Director, Biopharma, Healthcare of Stifel)

Stephanie Leouzon

Managing Director, Biopharma, Healthcare of Stifel
Chloé Leprêtre (Global Head, R&D Search and Evaluation at Servier)

Chloé Leprêtre

Global Head, R&D Search and Evaluation at Servier
Steven Levine (National Head of R&D Tax Incentives at BDO)

Steven Levine

National Head of R&D Tax Incentives at BDO
Rick Livesey (CEO of Talisman Therapeutics)

Rick Livesey

CEO of Talisman Therapeutics
Chung Looi (CEO of Ablatus Therapeutics)

Chung Looi

CEO of Ablatus Therapeutics
Alastair MacKinnon (CEO of Dark Blue Therapeutics)

Alastair MacKinnon

CEO of Dark Blue Therapeutics
Ishani Malhotra (CEO & Founder of Carcinotech)

Ishani Malhotra

CEO & Founder of Carcinotech

Ten years of experience in oncology and stem cell research with degrees from the University of Edinburgh and a Certificate of Achievement from Harvard Medical School. Ishani launched Carcinotech in 2018, to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the oncology industry and bring more effective cancer treatments to market. She has won several awards at national and international platforms including regional winner and EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist 2023 and has fostered partnerships across industry and academia to advance the validation and adoption of Carcinotech's technology.

Kevin Maskell (Research Director of Bioarchitech)

Kevin Maskell

Research Director of Bioarchitech
Duncan McHale (Co-founder and Expert Drug Development Clinician of Weatherden)

Duncan McHale

Co-founder and Expert Drug Development Clinician of Weatherden
Thomas Mcinally (Director of Alevin Therapeutics)

Thomas Mcinally

Director of Alevin Therapeutics
Neil Miller (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of NRG Therapeutics)

Neil Miller

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of NRG Therapeutics
Robert Milnes (CEO of viO HealthTech)

Robert Milnes

CEO of viO HealthTech

Rob has spent over 30 years bringing ground-breaking medtech to global markets, with the past 25 years focussed on women’s health. Having personally suffered from infertility, he built a team at viO with similar experiences to develop and launch the OvuSense platform based on technology from University of Bristol. Rob is co-inventor of 6 OvuSense patents and co-author of several clinical publications. Prior to viO, Rob ran and then sold the Sonicaid fetal monitoring business.

Damian Mole (CSO at Kynos Therapeutics)

Damian Mole

CSO at Kynos Therapeutics

Damian was Founding CEO of Kynos, and is now Founder CSO. He led the spin-out and licensing from the University of Edinburgh, driven by a passion and determination to deliver innovative solutions to challenging and unmet medical needs. Damian is trained in science, clinical medicine and business leadership, and holds the 1777 Chair of Surgery at the University of Edinburgh and recently an MRC Senior Clinical Fellow. Damian co-founded Kynos after discovering KMO inhibition as new target at the interface of inflammation, immunity and metabolism, building on a 15-year translational KMO inhibitor programme, including a prestigious GSK DPAc Collaboration.

David Mott (Founder Partner of Oxford Capital)

David Mott

Founder Partner of Oxford Capital
Jason Mundin (CEO of Ubiquigent Ltd)

Jason Mundin

CEO of Ubiquigent Ltd
Stephen Myatt (Chief Executive Officer at Macomics)

Stephen Myatt

Chief Executive Officer at Macomics
Amit Nathwani (Founder & CEO of NovalGen)

Amit Nathwani

Founder & CEO of NovalGen
Ben Nichols (CEO of Alveron Pharma UK)

Ben Nichols

CEO of Alveron Pharma UK
Deborah O'Neil (CEO of NovaBiotics Ltd)

Deborah O'Neil

CEO of NovaBiotics Ltd
Lars Ottevanger (Associate Capital Advisory at F.INSTITUTE)

Lars Ottevanger

Associate Capital Advisory at F.INSTITUTE

Lars Ottevanger has a background in biomedical sciences and business administration, and has first-hand experience of the sector. He was the founder of a Dutch medtech start-up that focused on improving the results of surgical oncology, where he was mainly involved in financing and operations. After the company was sold, Lars joined F.INSTITUTE to support entrepreneurs in building and growing successful companies. This entrepreneurial experience, combined with financial expertise, is well received by F.INSTITUTE’s portfolio of companies. His current focus is working with the management of several biotech and medtech companies as a fractional CFO and supporting fundraising.

James Otto (Senior Medical Director, Neuroscience Medical Affairs of Ipsen)

James Otto

Senior Medical Director, Neuroscience Medical Affairs of Ipsen
Lisa Patel (CEO of Istesso)

Lisa Patel

CEO of Istesso
Raphael Peralta (CEO of CardiaTec Biosciences Ltd)

Raphael Peralta

CEO of CardiaTec Biosciences Ltd
Kam Pooni (CEO of Glyconics Ltd)

Kam Pooni

CEO of Glyconics Ltd
Jon Rees (CEO of MitoRx)

Jon Rees

CEO of MitoRx

Commercial co-founder and CEO of MitoRx Therapeutics. Very well connected and entrepreneurial senior exec with experience ranging from pharma strategic and business development consultancy including for Takeda Europe and Takeda Rare Diseases to VC deal sourcing (EQT/LSP), fundraising for emerging biotech such as Ducentis BioTherapeutics (sold to Arcutis 2022 for up to $400m), entrepreneurial foundation of OBN and the BioTrinity investor conference and other businesses. R&D Trustee for PKD Charity UK.

Andy Roberts (Head of Innovation - Life Sciences at Bruntwood SciTech)

Andy Roberts

Head of Innovation - Life Sciences at Bruntwood SciTech
Fiona Rudkin (CEO of mycoBiologics)

Fiona Rudkin

CEO of mycoBiologics
Jason Rutt (CEO of Azadyne)

Jason Rutt

CEO of Azadyne
David Sarphie (CEO of Seroxo Ltd)

David Sarphie

CEO of Seroxo Ltd
Rosie Scott (Medical Director and Co-Founder of Definition Health)

Rosie Scott

Medical Director and Co-Founder of Definition Health
Hannah Sore (CEO of PharmEnable Therapeutics Limited)

Hannah Sore

CEO of PharmEnable Therapeutics Limited
Clive Stanway (Independent Scientific Advisor)

Clive Stanway

Independent Scientific Advisor
Junetha Syed Jabarulla (Chief Scientific Officer at Oxford Cancer Analytics)

Junetha Syed Jabarulla

Chief Scientific Officer at Oxford Cancer Analytics
Douglas Thomson (CEO of Pneumagen Ltd)

Douglas Thomson

CEO of Pneumagen Ltd
Emma Tinsley (CEO of Weatherden)

Emma Tinsley

CEO of Weatherden

Emma Tinsley is a leading biotech executive and the CEO of Weatherden, a global integrated clinical consultancy and experts in scientific strategy and clinical development. Emma has deep experience of company formation, clinical development strategy, operating model transformation and investment management and was previously at SV Health Investors in the biotech company creation team creating immunology and oncology companies; and prior to this, in the Life Sciences team at KPMG.

Laura Towart (Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Vivan Therapeutics)

Laura Towart

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Vivan Therapeutics
Mihriban Tuna (CEO of Immutrin Ltd)

Mihriban Tuna

CEO of Immutrin Ltd
Murat Tunaboylu (Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Antiverse)

Murat Tunaboylu

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Antiverse

Murat Tunaboylu has a background in software engineering and bioinformatics. Mid-career, he has worked in finance and developed high-frequency trading systems. After switching to biotech, Murat has built cell imaging software and lab robots to accelerate cancer research and automated Thermo Fisher Scientific’s gene synthesis workflows. He has co-founded consultancy and biotech companies Svarlight and Antiverse. His current focus is to realise Antiverse’s mission: engineering the future of drug discovery.

Stephane Van rooijen (CEO of Flamingo Therapeutics)

Stephane Van rooijen

CEO of Flamingo Therapeutics

Stephane van Rooijen (MD, MBA) is CEO of Flamingo Therapeutics and serves on its Board of Directors.

Stephane van Rooijen started his career at Arthur D. Little.
He joined Genzyme (now Sanofi) in 2004 and held leadership positions as the European Cardiovascular Business Unit Leader.
In 2012 he joined Viropharma (London).
In 2014, he co-founded Confo Therapeutics as CEO.

In 2016, he became CEO of Dynacure, and later oversaw the merger in 2023 between Dynacure and Flamingo Therapeutics.

Stephane studied medicine at KU Leuven and obtained an MBA at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Georgetown University, Washington DC.

Richard Vellacott (CEO of BiologIC Technologies Limited)

Richard Vellacott

CEO of BiologIC Technologies Limited
Michele Vendruscolo (Professor at University of Cambridge)

Michele Vendruscolo

Professor at University of Cambridge
Edwin Wagena (CEO of Sutura Therapeutics Limited)

Edwin Wagena

CEO of Sutura Therapeutics Limited

Edwin is an experienced senior executive, trained as epidemiologist with a PhD in Medicine, with more than 20 years of experience in drug development. Since 2008, Edwin specialised in the development of ATMPs and orphan drugs.
Edwin Joined Sutura in May 2021 as COO and was promoted to CEO in November of that same year. Before joining Sutura, Edwin held senior positions at Kiadis Pharma (CDO), Ixaka (previously Rexgenero, COO) and Atelerix (CEO).

Clare Wareing (Founder of Cumulus Oncology)

Clare Wareing

Founder of Cumulus Oncology

Dr Clare Wareing PhD, Founder and CEO (Director). Senior executive and entrepreneur with the vision, drive and experience of successful oncology drug development and company exits to lead the company forward.

James Westcott (CEO of ThirtyFiveBio)

James Westcott

CEO of ThirtyFiveBio
Sam Whitehouse (CEO of LightOx)

Sam Whitehouse

CEO of LightOx
Dan Williams (CEO of SynaptixBio Ltd.)

Dan Williams

CEO of SynaptixBio Ltd.

Dan Williams is an accomplished biopharmaceuticals leader with two decades of industrial experience from bench to operational and scientific executive roles.
During his career Dan has served as Vice President of Research Operations at Adaptimmune PLC. and Chief Product Officer at Meatable B.V.
Dr. Williams is the CEO and co-founder of SynaptixBio LTD., a developer of therapeutics to treat TUBB4A leukodystrophy.

Kirsty Wydenbach (Head of Regulatory Strategy and Drug Development Clinician at Weatherden)

Kirsty Wydenbach

Head of Regulatory Strategy and Drug Development Clinician at Weatherden

Dr Kirsty Wydenbach is a renowned regulatory expert and pharmaceutical physician who leads the strategy division at Weatherden, a global integrated clinical consultancy. Kirsty joined Weatherden from the MHRA where she was an expert medical assessor in the Clinical Trials Unit, with a particular interest in ATMPs and FIH studies. She currently chairs the Clinical Trial Science and Regulations Expert Group of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, is an expert on the Scientific Advisory Board of CRO Simbec-Orion, a committee member of the Association for Human Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AHPPI) and a visiting lecturer for King’s College London.

Hakim Yadi (CEO & Co-Founder of Closed Loop Medicine)

Hakim Yadi

CEO & Co-Founder of Closed Loop Medicine