All BioTrinity delegate tickets include access to the EBD 1:1 private partnering platform. Each meeting is scheduled to last 20-minutes, the first round of scheduling is announced 6 weeks ahead of the event and as long as you have the availability you can carry on requesting & accepting meetings right up to the conference date.  

Partnering opens on 11 March. 

Meetings times during the conference;

Tuesday 23 April, 8 am to 17.00 

Wednesday 24 April, 8 am to 15.40

Thursday 25 April Virtual partnering 8 am to 18.00 

Please contact with any questions and check out the partneringONE Training Center​ for more information.

Useful information:

  1. Upon registration, your partnering profile will be activated within 48 hours (not including weekends)
  2. You'll then receive details from partneringONE about how to activate your account, from there you can login to partneringONE​  
  3. You can now edit and publish your company profile and assets. The more you include in your company, personal and asset profiles, the easier it is for potential partners to find you and decide if they want to meet. Be sure to publish your company and asset profiles.
  4. Please ensure you set plenty of availability to maximise your chance of meeting matches.
  5. You can search for companies, participants and licensing opportunities of interest and send requests for one-to-one meetings.
  6. If you receive a meeting request, please ensure you accept or decline the opportunity. Your meeting schedule will be based on your accepted requests and mutual availability.
  7. Keep up to date on site. Login from your mobile device to find your next meeting and respond to new messages. Going mobile saves paper and makes sure you don't miss any last minute changes.