A brilliant introduction to intellectual property and contracting, which will be particularly helpful for early-stage companies.


We all know that protecting IP and entering into well negotiated contracts is vital to the success of an early-stage business. But where do you start? How do you contract for maximum growth and innovation? If you want the low down on everything involved with protecting your valuable IP , trade secrets, patents, and how to put together contracts you might need to protect it all- this is the session for you.


In this highly practical session, we will work through the following:

  • You've got investors interested in your company, but they're wanting to get a better understanding of your IP. What should be going into your NDAs to ensure that you've got a strong handle on your IP and know-how?
  • If you're a university spin-out, then you're unlikely to have ownership of all the IP you need to develop and grow your company. How can you be sure that you've got the rights you need to give investors' confidence in your start-up?

Your start-up is only growing from here on out. There are going to be other people such as contractors and consultants, helping in the development of the business and perhaps the development of the IP. How can you be sure that no one else ends up with a claim to your IP? What should go into your out-sourcing agreements and consultancy agreements to make sure you retain ownership and control of your IP?

Who should attend?

Regardless of whether you have started commercialising your IP or have yet to decide if you even want to spin-out, this interactive session is for anyone wanting to understand the legal arrangements around intellectual property and to help their company grow.



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