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So, you've nailed the pitch deck, recruited an epic team, built your brand and have perhaps even started to sell but somehow, you haven't got your head around exactly what legal documents you need, or why. Or perhaps you've started to think about it but have become unstuck with endless legal jargon.

If you want to know more about the type of legal documents you will come across as a start – up and avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes, this is the session for you.


In this super practical 60-minute session we will grapple with the following questions:

  • What's the A grade legal document trajectory for a start-up and why? What can you expect to see from incorporation to signing your first angel up or generating the first cash in the bank?
  • Articles of association, founders agreements, consultancy agreements, accelerator programme contracts – why might these be needed (or not?) When do they go to the point of value?
  • What's happening externally to make bright founders sign legal documents that work against their brilliant business plans?

We will then dig into the details of negotiating term sheets, key points to stand firm on in your investment and shareholder agreements and the nuts and bolts of revising Articles of Association.

This will give you a grounding in the basics and get you started on asking the right questions and thinking the right way, before signing any legal documents or speaking to lawyers.

Who should attend?

Regardless of whether you're about to sign a term sheet or have yet to decide if you even want to raise investment, this session is for anyone wanting to have the right legal building blocks and frameworks in place, to help their company grow. There will be no long power point presentation, plenty of opportunities for questions and an interview format that keeps you engaged and learning through the jargon and detail.



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