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During this OBN BioTuesday, kindly hosted by Ipsen, we will hear from world leading expert in structural biology Jim Naismith (Director at The Rosalind Franklin Institute) as well as a showcase of some of the most interesting and innovative R&D companies using medical imaging to revolutionise diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging delivers indispensable insight to life sciences researchers; it is a window into the body that can be used in early-stage research, clinical research and beyond. Imaging plays a vital role in life sciences research from the lab to the clinic with just a handful of uses including:

  • During clinical trials, where medical imaging is used to monitor patient safety and progress, helping to determine treatment impact, efficacy, and reactions
  • At a cellular level, with new advances in medical imaging allowing researchers to distinguish between subtypes of cancers and other diseases that look the same as traditional histology, leading to more appropriate treatments for patients
  • AI platforms are being utilized to scan through large image datasets very quickly, producing more targeted and useful results
  • MRI scans and imaging studies are being used to help with addiction treatment and to better understand how substance use affects the body, leading to the development of more effective treatment plans for patients.



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